Haileigh & Kai. Mobile Image

Haileigh & Kai

Bride's name: Haleigh

Partner's name: Kai

Wedding date: 10/24/23

Venue: Winan Barn Creek

Photographer: Alissa Mae Photo

Tell us about your experience at An Elegant Affair!: It was amazing from the moment I walked in the door. The team at this store really cared about their brides; They were all so nice and helpful and knew exactly what I needed. They have a massive selection to choose from, plus a large selection of bridesmaid dresses as well. They are the best bridal store in the state by far!! I recommend this store to all my bride friends!!

Tell us about your wedding!:

Our wedding day turned out to be amazing! It rained all day Thursday and Friday, so I was a little nervous about the rain. Once Saturday came, the sun shined and actually dried up so much of the outside. It was a beautiful fall day. All of our friends and family are the ones who made it truly what it was; I wish I could live this special day all over again!