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Cortney & Craig


Wedding date: July 2, 2023

Venue: Walnut Ridge in Shellsburg, IA

Photographer: Ty Williamson Photography

Tell us about your experience at An Elegant Affair!: I went to Elegant Affair in search of a dress that I needed for my wedding that was happening in 2.5 months. Since my fianc (now husband) and I decided on a very short engagement, I went into dress shopping thinking that I may not get my dream dress and more than likely would need to get one off the rack since we had such a limited amount of time. Elegant Affair was the first bridal shop I shopped at, and to my surprise, I found the perfect dress. Not only was it my dream dress in terms of style (I got goose bumps when I tried it on and my mom and grandma cried), but it was also brand new and was able to be shipped to me within a couple weeks! :) Everything about our wedding day was perfect and Im so glad Elegant Affair helped me find the most beautiful, perfect dress.

Tell us about your wedding!: We got married at Walnut Ridge, a brand new venue in Shellsburg, IA. It was my dream venue- beautiful inside and out. With our short engagement, I never thought this venue would be a reality for us. God, our family, friends, Elegant Affair, and Walnut Ridge all helped our wedding day be a dream come true. Truly the best day ever.