How to Find the Perfect Accessories to Compete Your Wedding Day Look

After finding your dream dress, you still have to find a way to style it on the day of. Choosing bridal accessories is important: it’s a great way to show off even more of your personal style with your wedding dress, and add any extra sparkle or boho-inspired beauty to your gown. If you’re unsure where to start with styling, here are a few of our favorite accessories (and tips for finding your perfect look):




Your shoes aren’t the star of the show, but they absolutely peek through. While you could stay simple if your dress is heavily embellished, a shoe is also the perfect place to add a hint of sparkle that just peeks through as you walk. We’ve also seen brides opt for fun colors (hello, something blue!) or even a nontraditional sneaker or boot. The biggest key is to choose something you’ll be comfortable in; if you’re not the type who wears heels, your wedding day is not the time to learn how to walk in 4-inch stilettos. 




Choosing the right jewelry depends on your dress. If you’ve got a heavily embellished, glittering neckline, you may want to skip the necklace and opt for a pair of earrings to let your dress shine. On the other hand, for brides who chose understated, simple looks, we love a vintage-inspired statement piece to add that extra shimmer to your wedding day. As with your shoes, choose something that reflects your personality: if you’ve always loved sparkle, then opt for a bigger piece to give you that glittering look, but if you’re a less-is-more type of girl, then stick with what you love! The key is letting your personality shine through your accessories.






Nothing says “here comes the bride” like a veil—it’s the quintessential bridal accessory. Veils come in a variety of lengths and styles, ranging from the vintage birdcage to the classic cathedral-length. If you’re choosing a veil, find one that adds a touch of detail you’re looking for. If you chose a sleek, simple gown, you can find a lace-edged veil for a classic look, or an embellished, beaded edge for a hint of sparkle. Similarly, if you chose an intricate dress, a class, simple veil could add an ethereal touch perfect for your dress. The best part of a veil? It creates so many gorgeous photo opportunities for your photographer!



Hair Combs



Not sure a veil is for you? If you still want a hair accessory, we love hair combs. Ranging from vintage-inspired art deco pieces to boho-style floral arrangements, a hair comb can give you just a touch of sparkle that always has a princess-like effect. Find a hair comb that compliments your dress and your hairstyle to add a touch of sparkle to your look!